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Welcome to the greenpool a private, adult only, social networking service, solely for the cannabis community. A community where everything green gets pooled together. Whether you are a breeder, tester of genetics, grow shop owner, equipment distributor, medical cannabis association, medical card holder, up and coming breeder looking to promote yourself / your business or a fellow green fingered cannabis enthusiast then there is a place here for you.

The greenpool cannabis social network is a place where anyone one who has anything green to promote can do so in an environment created just for that. For example, a breeder may wish to advertise cannabis seeds or merchandise on here or get genetics tested through the greenpool etc, to reach as wide an audience / market base as possible.

Auction - For our sponsors only we offer an additional auction facility for the auction of your goods. Please see our terms and conditions. Ask us about becoming a sponsor.

Sales - Our sponsors may also create your own 'store front' within the site to sell your merchandise. Please see our terms and conditions. Ask us about becoming a sponsor.

The greenpool will not charge for sponsors to advertise and promote themselves, however in order to maintain their sponsorship we do require a donation by prior negotiation towards the running of the site. All donations made by the sponsors are pooled together and offered as free competition prizes for the members. So all sponsor donations which are made in return for the service that the greenpool provides to them, all go back to the community in the way of competitions, prizes and general giveaways.

We are already working with numerous breeders, seed banks, distributors and merchants and now have some great prizes building up for our prize pool. The greenpool will hold free entry to members competitions on a weekly, monthly and a big yielding 6 monthly competition. All members will have access to enter these free competitions, premium members will also have access to bonus competitions too. Our aim is to have enough sponsors to be able to have daily competitions across the site too, this could take a bit of time to achieve, but as soon as we can we will !

Prizes will be cash or consist of anything canna related, equip, seeds, nutrients, apparel, tents, tickets to canna events, canna related holidays, money to spend in growshops, with breeders or sponsors! If it's something that is or can be made canna related then there's a chance you can win it at the greenpool.

There are three subscription packages for the greenpoo,l registered user, member and premium member. Below are the respective costs for the packages and a comparision chart is available to show the difference in subscription package access, privileges and gifts, which can be viewed on sign up. You may upgrade your existing subscription.

Registered User:  FREE for 12 months. Access to the sites main features but excludes the following :- free member registration pack (seeds) and access to competitions, prizes.

Members: £18.00 for 12 months.  Free member registration pack for every subscriber (1 pack of seeds)worth over double the subcription cost & currently sponsored by Sure Fire Seeds Get the same deal every time your subscription is re-newed! Access to sites main features Free postage on all gifts, competition prizes or anything we send out to our members.

Premium members: £30.00 for 12 months.  Free premium member registration pack for every subscriber (2pks of seeds) worth over double subcription cost & currently sponsored by Sure Fire Seeds Get the same deal every time your subscription is re-newed! Access to sites main features & Premium members Forum area with added prize giveaways. Free postage on all gifts, competition prizes or anything we send out to our members.

Upon account activation thegreenpool will contact you regarding claiming your registration pack.

There is also a medical members forum area, where medical card holders will have access and will be able to look through and choose something from a medical members seed list - free of charge, although they will have an option of making a small donation to cover postage costs. Each medical member will only be able to choose 1 pk per 6 month subscription period.

Although there is a subscription fee, all greenpool members will always get more back than they put in . From the minute the member recieves their registration pack they will be happy they took the plunge! Here is an example of how our members always benefit.... Let's say you take the premium option and don't win anything from the competitions throughout the subscription period but manage to claim a free bag giveaway. So you paid £30 for 12 months and received a free registration pack and free prize. In the registration pack are 2 packs of seeds from Sure Fire Seeds, if we take the 2 lowest priced packs £32 each thats £64 so far. Then we add on the free pack, that was donated by an up and coming breeder who is trying to promote themselves (we will put a nominal value on of £10). So now we are at £74 worth of goodies and 2 lots of free postage (average £3.00 each)thats £80.00 worth of goodies and services all for the subscrition fee of £30 .........

the greenpool is working closely with numerous breeders and has a team of production staff that are working hard on producing genetics solely for the competitions on the greenpool and for distribution to it's members, these production costs and staffing costs, as well as the overheads for running the network had to be taken into consideration while creating this totally unique, private and safe community for us all to share in. We have worked hard to come up with a cost effective way to bring all this to our members at a reasonable price while also ensuring the member physically gets something for the fee's paid, and that something being of great use to them! Plus the chance to win lots lots more!

In recognition for our more generous sponsors we will ensure they are more generously spotlighted and featured within the site. In effect they will receive more advertising space as you would if you were paying for the service on a relative basis. All sponsors are provided a platform for them to advertise, promote and reach out to as many direct customers as possible. We will feature and spotlight them when they are contributing to a specific competition / prize. The greenpool will provide the sponsor with a way to reach out to as many possible customers through one feed. There are also some other great features we are hoping to add to the site over time which will be great for sponsors, all of what we do here at the greenpool to benefit the sponsors / members / supporters alike.... Anything we can do to improve the experience for our sponsors and members, we will do !

We at the greenpool  hope this gives you enough information about us and we hope to see you soon on the greenpool cannabis social network.... we will hopefully be seeing a picture of you receiving your registration pack or your first prize soon!

For a comprehensive list of the network's features and membership access to these features please refer to the comparison chart.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, for furthur details please contact [email protected]