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Terms of use

Last revised 21/07/2014


1. General

Please read the Terms and conditions of use (Terms of use) carefully. By registering with the greenpool you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms of use and privacy policy. The greenpool reserves the right to amend / modify the Terms of use at any time with or without prior notice. Any ammendments will be effective immediately. We will Always display the date any ammendments have been made under the Terms of use title at the top of the page. it is up to you the user to check the terms of use on a regular basis to keep upto date with any changes. It is not the responsibility of the greenpool to notify you of these changes. As a user of the greenpool you commit to providing true and acurate information, and are responsible for keeping account information up to date. We reserve the right to cancel accounts with false or inusable information.

2. Eligibility

a) The access and use of the greenpool is solely for the use persons age 18 years or older, By registering at the greenpool  you are confirming you meet this requirement.

b) Your account information should be true and accurate, and be kept upto date at all times.

c) You will not violate the rights of the greenpool including intellectual property rights such as trademark or copyright rights.

d) We the greenpool reserve the right to delete your account should you not meet these eligibility requirements.

3. Accounts

a) A user may use and maintain one account only, members found to be using multiple accounts will be removed.

b) Your registration details are to be kept confidential and must not be used by a third party to gain access to the greenpool.

4. How To Claim Your Free Registration Pack 

Subscribers only: upon account activation you will be contacted by the greenpool to confirm registration. You will be asked to provide your preferred choice of seed strain in order of preference. We endeavour to supply everyone with their first choice however this will be subject to stock availability. The strains offered are currently provided and kindly donated by Sure Fire Seeds. Please visit Sure Fire Seeds to view the strains available.

5. Sponsorship

As a sponsor you agree that all advertising will be offered on an individual basis. The degree of promotion we offer will be relative to the extent of donation provided. Therefore the greenpool can not offer equal advertsing to all, it is offered on a 'the more you give the more advertising we offer you' basis. We will negotiate an agreement between the sponsor and the greenpool to decide on the level of advertising we can offer. This is at our sole discretion.                     

If you are a seed bank or representative selling seeds for a third party, you must provide individual donations for the breeder you represent in order to meet the necessary requirements to sell, advertise and promote etc.. we can not allow one individual to provide one donation for numerous breeders.

If you are a retailer selling merchandise of various cannabis related goods such as a grow shop, you will be classed as the sponsor and we will not require individual donations from the makers of the goods you are selling.


6. Competitions & Prizes

All members and sponsors and any users of the greenpool agree NOT to run private competitions or prize giveaways on the site. All competitions and prizes are to be controlled directly by us, the greenpool. You may re-direct users to an alternative site to promote a competion but you are not allowed to directly offer the competion on the greenpool. Any user wishing to organise a competition directly on the greenpool must have prior consent from us to do so.

7. Privacy

Here at the greenpool we take your privacy seriously. We will never supply member information to a third party or individual. the greenpool is SSL certified 256bit encrypted (https) Please refer to our full Privacy policy HERE

8.Conduct & Content

a) We will not tolerate users of the greenpool to express any use of profanity, racism, hatred, explicit content or threatening behaviour on the site. We reserve the right to remove or modify any member content if for any reason we believe it violates these terms.

b) the greenpool is not responsible for any content, disputes or any other matter you the members posts on to the site.

c) As a private member of the greenpool you agree to respect the privacy of other members and not to share their private and presonal information. Any content posted should be done so with complete comliance and agreement from the member and should only be included if the member is happy for this information to be shared with other members.

d) By posting any content on the greenpool you are agreeing to owning full rights and ownership of said content and that it bears no copyright or trademark infringments. 

e) the greenpool reserves the right to remove any content that we believe is in violation of our terms or use.

If you have any questions regarding our terms of use please email us on [email protected]


9. Free Prize Draws / Giveaways

a) The free prize draws or giveaways are open to members and premium members.

b) Entries are valid by submitting a photograph of the unique number on the seed pack. Receipt of the unique number will not constitute entry alone, you must submit a photograph on the opening prize giveaway wall to validate your entry. Should a number be drawn at random that has been allocated but not validated, a new random number will be generated to determine the winner.

c) There is no charge to submit your entry.

d) Entries by the greenpool employees will not be valid.

e) The winner will be drawn independently and at random from all valid entries received and will be notified within 3 days of the actual draw date.

f)  By entering the free prize draw, entrants agree to be bound by the rules and by any other requirements set out in promotional material.


10. Postage & Delivery

The greenpool will only take responsibility for postage of items that are sold to you directly by ourselves. Items sold through the auction or stores by third party members are strictly the responsibility of the seller.